I think that artists go through phases, and I don’t like to put myself in a box. I am a creative trying to have an impact firstly on the people around me, and secondly on the rest of the world—at some point. I have recently focused on gestural and figurative pieces that focus on deconstructing socio-cultural current events and oppression while at the same time trying to tackle the deeply ephemeral and alienating side effects of our current socio-economic system. I try to go beyond the physical self and showcase the inner beauty and perfection of human beings in an aesthetically pleasing form—I think that this is my current goal. I want to show people how beautiful they really are from the inside out. That no matter what happens in the world around you— you are in control of your perspective and your emotions. I want to show how beautiful and simple life really is. I want to inspire people into pursuing their passions and being the truest self that they can be. We are inundated by so many distractions, noise, pollution—but if we just stop and take a breath, we can tap into our inner beauty and live our most fulfilling lives.

I am most well known for my wood pieces, but I am also an oil painter at heart There is something inherently beautiful and powerful about putting brush to canvas. There is something very, very special about mixing your own colors, and going to battle with the canvas. One-to-one, that’s it. The problem-solving, the roller-coaster of emotions, and the self-growth that painting takes you through are incomparable.